Coaching & Workshops


Write to Discover Editor Jeff Cowart is available to provide a wide range of writing and editing services for clients.


Writing and Editing Services

Our range of services includes just about anything that requires compelling storytelling, authenticity, and creative engagement with intended audiences.

  • Executive speeches and presentations
  • Corporate white papers
  • Online content
  • Video scripts
  • Newsletters and articles
  • Op-ed columns
  • Technical and business writing


Tailored Workshops

For organizations or groups that want to raise the writing and storytelling skills of an entire team, we create unique workshops. We can explore all forms of writing from fiction to non-fiction to poetry to journaling and more, tailored to the storytelling interests of the group members. The focus is on celebrating self-expression through writing with coaching, group discussion, and sharing of work in a supportive environment to demonstrate compelling storytelling, story structures, use of words, and technical aspects of writing.


Individual Coaching for Executives

For busy executives who want to improve their community or industry presence through writing, speechmaking and presentations, we provide one-on-one coaching tailored to the specific needs of the individual.